A Train to Spain

A photo from the Finnish representative of ATTS:
“Radio Dolores”, directed by Katariina Lillqvist.

A Train to Spain is a traveling installation of mixed media produced by Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish filmmakers, together with German, Belgian, French and Spanish guest artists, students and volunteers.

Each participating Scandinavian partner has independently created a project of animation, painting, audio-works or interactive art concepts. The guests  on different locations will provide musical elements and performances based on the theme of the Spanish Civil War and the Scandinavian volunteers.

During summer 2016, the works were sent to Stockholm where the installation-on-wheels had it´s premiere in the Tegen2-gallery on Södermalm.

From Stockholm the project continued to  Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, France and  Spain where it will continue rouring untill 2019.

The  major production team includes Nils Claesson (Sweden), Gunnar Ström (Norway) and Katariina Lillqvist (Finland). The official website of the project is:


In co-operation with:

“Norden” – Nordic Culture Fund



The animation  “BabyBox” was completed during 2015 in our experimental studio in Tabor, CZ . The director and scriptwriter is Katariina Lillqvist, scenograph and D.O.P  Patricia Ortiz Martinez, animator Alfons Mensdorff  and producer Onni Lillqvist.