Master and Margarita

A dark and surrealistic romance from the Moscow of the Thirties: an underground writer fells in love with a wife of an high general and ends up in the mental hospital – only to be liberated by devilish Doctor Woland and his burlesque gang.

After producing short animations and art documentaries for over two decades, Cagliostro is now entering into a new path: the first long-metrage puppet animation, 80 minutes version of Mikhail Bulgakov´s mysterious novel MASTER AND MARGARITA is on pre-production stage now. Director will be Katariina Lillqvist, executive producer Viktor Mayer, and the original soundtrack will be composed by Alec Kopyt.

A pilot of five minutes is already available, and four countries are involved in the co-production. Major partner will be Finland, and minor partners are so far Russia, Czechland, Slovakia and France. Negotiations are currently going on also with Poland and Estonia.


Estimated premier : December 2015